Workshop Testimonials

Hi Andrea,
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop yesterday. Your techniques are amazing and you are extremely generous in sharing them. I am looking forward to exploring them further, especially the layering technique which is so like building up washes in watercolour.
I loved working in such a sensitive way and with so little soap and water. It was a revelation to me  and means that I can now make felt without worrying about saturating the floor! Thank you so much for a lovely and totally inspiring day!
Best wishes,
Pam Harrington


Morning Andrea,
 I cannot thank you enough for the way you allowed the four of us a glimpse into your way of approaching landscapes :- your work is unique and truly inspirational! The atmosphere in your studio and the generosity with which you showed us how to create certain effects allowed us all to produce something we could be proud of – in just one day!
I could easily be the England representative of “Art for the truly terrified” yet, with your help, managed to convey the impression of a swirly,tendrilly willow tree and yes, I can of course see elements I would change but for a first attempt, for me, it was a milestone!(Another first in my list of 60 new things during this magical year!) I was still bubbling two hours later when I eventually reached home – so much so that Pete wished he’d been with us during the day!


THANKYOU SO MUCH…and I really meant if you have a cancellation for any of your next five workshops, even as late as the evening before, I’d be delighted to fill a space! Am going to experiment as you advised…

Very best wishes, Liz Edwards x


Dear Andrea

I would like to thank you for such an enjoyable and inspiring day.  You provided such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and made all of us feel comfortable. I appreciated the way you taught, in a relaxed style, and how you showed me how to improve the piece I was working on in a sensitive way without taking over at all, I came away feeling the work was my own but with so much help from your knowledge and experience. I also came away feeling totally inspired and with lots of new techniques and tips that I thought it was very generous of you to share.


I love the process of feltmaking and seeing how you have taken it to such a level inspires me to work at it. I love landscape and am aware how it is folly to copy anothers style, my work must be my own and come from the heart. I came aware with a determination to really look at what I am trying to portray and not to be too hasty. Also a big learning for me was to THINK THIN with the wool and be more delicate in my approach.


Thank you again for a brilliant workshop, if you ever have any cancellations, or you decide to run any more, please let me know as I would love another opportunity to learn from you.

very best wishes



Dear Andrea

 I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop.  It far exceeded any expectations I had and I learned such a lot. You struck a good balance between leaving us alone and intervening only when we needed your ideas/support. Also there was a relaxed atmosphere at the same time as being really work focussed.  Thank you!

 I always have lots of ideas, but now I have a much better idea of how I can put them into felt form.

 Good luck with all your wonderful projects,

 Best wishes

 Margaret Smith


Dear Andrea

Just had to let you know how very thrilled I am with the felt picture produced at the workshop.

More than that, it was such a great day – being completely new to felting and not knowing what to expect the workshop enabled me to not only learn felting techniques, but work with creativity in producing what is both craft and a work of art.

I’m inspired to go on and produce some efforts at home (albeit on a smaller scale) with assistance from hubby on the rolling!!!

Thanks again for a great experience

Regards, Pat Roberts


Hi Andrea

 Thank you for a really enjoyable day on Saturday and also a very productive one.  I had no idea that we would produce such a large piece in one day.

 I must admit when the other two ladies told us what they did I (and I think Pat) wondered what we had let ourselves in for.  However you guided us along and I was very pleased with the result.

 Thanks again

 Kath Lewin


Hi Andrea,

Just to thank you for a great workshop last Saturday – I enjoyed it very much indeed. You are very generous sharing your special tips too. I was pleased with my picture and  did another small sample picture on Monday morning to put into practice some of the other technniques you had demonstrated but that I had not used on the day.

Thanks once again



Helen Clark posted on Andrea Hunter Focus on Felt’s timeline

“Hi Andrea, just wanted to say how much Mum and I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. Your work is so inspirational and you are so generous with your knowledge and time (and delicious lemon cake!). Thank you so much, Helen and Joan. xx”


Dear Andrea

I am now home in Scotland having really enjoyed my holiday. The course was fantastic,as you know I was very sceptical of my abilities but am now confident I can produce good pictures even with out you there to help.

I am ordering tops so I can get started on varrious ideas I have. I found myself looking at things and thinking, I could ‘do’ that in felt.

This is soley due to your excellent teaching, you did not crowd us but was always there to help if we got stuck. My daughter has already produced some good images and I know we will both enjoy the techenque you taught us for may years to come.

yours Joan Biggin


Thank you Andrea for opening your studio to 4 novice ladies so we could experience the art of felt making in a way few get a chance.  You are an exceptional artist and a wonderful and inspirational teacher!  We all felt fortunate to spend a day at a felt making class in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with three other friends this past week. We all experienced a new method of art and painting with felt.  We were thrilled to begin and finish a work of art in felt that we want to frame! We hope to join you again next year and stretch our creative abilities to use felt in a new way of expression.


Wonderful lemon cake too!

Marge Holleman


Hi Andrea – thank you so much for the great workshop I attended on 3rd August – everything about the day was inspirational and, although I’ve already cut up my moth as the proportions were not correct I’m already using the technique I learned in my own work – here is my first attempt at laying down a prefelted picture on top of a background of felt – I want to display this piece without any ‘background’ and wondered if you would give me a guide on how best to do this. I thought I would buy a piece of suitable mountboard – cut it to follow the shape of my picture – then do the same with a piece of MDF – glue battens to the back of this to take the screws so it would sit proud of the wall – what do you think. Also – do you just use  silicone mastic – the same kind as is used as bathroom sealant – would hate to spoil it – xxxxx

Nancy Doggett

North Carolina.


Hi Andrea

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and although doubtful about my piece at the time like it much more now that it is dry and actually feel pleased with it.  My husband thinks it is great!

I hope you enjoyed your fish ‘n chips and continue to recover well from your injury.

Best wishes for your exhibition,

Johanne Phillips


Hi Andrea

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the felting course at the weekend.  I liked the fact that it was a small group of people and that there was ample time for individual tuition.  You are so knowledgeable and were so patient with all of us. It is quite an achievement to have everyone leave at the end of the day being happy with the work they’ve produced – but I think you managed it.

Thank you also for your hospitality.  If you are ever up in the Dundee area, please contact me – you would be welcome to visit.

Many thanks again,



Hi Andrea,

Just to say thank you for all your advice and help at the workshop in August. It was lovely to meet you and I learned so much. Your calm reassurance and practical examples made creating a wet felted picture more achievable and I was really pleased with what I was able to produce, although I was quite nervous.

The pieces I have produced since the workshop are a huge improvement on previous work. I am more thoughtful about the pre-felt I make now and have attempted several trees using your layering technique, which is just magic. And I always keep the mantra in mind….”keep it thin!”

Wishing you all the best with your future workshops and talks.

Eileen Webber


Dear Andrea,

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable and inspiring day yesterday and for all your patience and sharing of valuable knowledge.

I love the painterly way in which you use your wool and am very grateful for your help in showing how I could apply this to my own picture. I had arrived with some trepidation, wondering if my idea was in any way suitable for feltwork, but was delighted with what you helped me to create.

Jane – Ann